How to Measure your Ring Size

Method 1: Measure your Current Ring

Select a ring that properly fits the intended finger and measure the INSIDE diameter of the ring. Choose your right size according to the SIZE CHART.

Method 2: Measuring your Ring Finger


Prepare a piece of string (if you don't have string, cut out a strip of paper), a pen, a ruler, and scissors.


Wrap the piece of string or paper around the base of your ring finger. Wrap around both the base of your finger and your knuckle if your knuckle is noticeably larger than the base of your finger.


Mark the string or paper at the exact point that it overlaps to make a compete circle around your finger. Do this for where it overlaps on your knuckle as well, if you needed to measure it.


Unroll the string or paper and place it against a ruler that is divided in millimeters. The length between the two marks on your string or paper meets the ruler is the circumference of your ring finger. Refer to a ring chart to get your ring size. For example, if the circumference measures 62 mm, your ring size is a 10.